Create a Quest is a tool for making quests, specifically treasure and scavenger hunts. For a treasure hunt, questers are given one clue at a time to help them to the next clue until they complete the quest. For a scavenger, questers get all of the clues at once and must complete all the clues to complete the quest.

Quests can be played through any web browser or mobile device. All someone needs to start the quest is the unique quest code that you configure on the quest edit page. Once people think they have solved a clue, they check-in using their location to receive credit and continue.

Create a Quest is good tool for:

Setting up real-world scavenger and treasure hunts is a lot work. You need to visit each clue location, leave some indication of how to find the next clue, and hope no one steals it, it doesn't rain, and you don't get fined for littering. With Create a Quest, you can build quests from the comfort of your home. The quest editing experience is designed to be really easy: add your clues and drop points on a map and you are good to go.

Quests cost $30. This buys you a quest that can be played any time by any number of people for up to 3 months. Please reach out if you need a more long-term quest.

Happy hunting!